social immersion

Friendship. Connection. Fun.


Social Immersion

Friday Night “Community Groups” are events wherein clients can engage in a wide variety of activities in a social gathering atmosphere at our center. Social immersion helps clients practice real-life social situations, develop rewarding friendships, and build a larger social network.



Friday Night Club (FNC) and Friday Fun Night (FFN) are "community" groups held in Amigo Family Counseling’s Suite. The Suite serves as shared location where clients can get together and engage in fluid social interaction with each other. Each room houses a different club for engagement. Activities include: a movie club, a video game club, a room for board games, card games, or role playing, an art and drawing room, a karaoke and dance area, and other activities. Clients are encouraged to bring a meal or snack to the Friday evening events and enjoy food together as we believe that enjoying food with friends is a common activity of social relationships. Approximately twenty to forty clients attend each FNC or FFN event. Events are supervised by Dr. Amigo and led by approximately six to eight staff members who facilitate continuous social interaction between group members. FNC is for clients ages 16 years and older and occurs the first and third Friday of each month.  FFN occurs the second Friday of every month and is for clients and their siblings ages 15 years and younger.


FRIDAY night MOVIE NIGHT & movie club +

On the fourth Friday of every month, clients aged 16 years and older are invited to attend the Friday Night Movie Night where we collectively view a PG or PG-13 movie together at the local cinema. On Tuesday mornings, we also offer the Movie Club + event for clients aged 18 years and older. This club is for adults who wish to see a wider variety of film choices and have friendly conversations about movies.  For both events we encourage clients to arrive one-half hour before the movie so they may enjoy snacks and meals while they catch up with one another. Both movie club events provide clients with the opportunity to engage in a real-life, social outing and to deepen their friendships with those who attend. The outings are supervised by Dr. Amigo and facilitated by approximately six to eight staff members. Dr. Amigo and staff encourage clients to fully enjoy their peer relationships, exercise their social skills, and engage in fluid social interaction. Moreover, clients get to practice discussions about their movie interests and talk about pop-culture and movie topics and trivia.