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We are dedicated to the health and well-being of our clients, their family members, our community, and our staff. Due to COVID-19, Amigo Family Counseling temporarily provides Telehealth / TeleMental Health Services. We continue to welcome new clients. If you are interested in becoming a new client, please complete the New Client Intake Form found on the New Clients page. We will be happy to follow-up soon after this form is received.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Telehealth Requirements

You will need the following: 

  • A device with a webcam (desktop/laptop computer, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone etc.) 

  • An internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to sustain the connection

  • Download/install Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your device (app store or at   

  • An active email account to receive Invitations for Telehealth sessions.

  • To learn more, Click Here

What to Expect at First Telehealth Visit
  • Your AFC Provider will call you to begin. If you are ready, they will email a meeting Invitation.

  • You must Open the email Invitation on the Same device you wish to use for the Zoom meeting. 

  • Be prepared to confirm your identity via Legal Photo ID (driver’s license, State ID, Passport). 

  • Your AFC provider will orient you to Zoom screen features & discuss a plan for any disruptions. 

  • Your AFC provider will verbally review polices/procedures & answer any initial questions.

Hushmail Secure Form Submission

  • Amigo Family Counseling takes your Personal Health Information (PHI) seriously.

  • We are offering encrypted form submission through our Hushmail portal.

  • To better understand how to use our form submission portal: Click Here

Tips for Telehealth Video Sessions,   Click Here

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