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Social Immersion

Social Immersion activities at AFC provide enjoyable real-life social situations that help clients build a larger social network of rewarding relationships and apply the skills being developed in group and individual therapy.


Friday Night Clubs

Apply what you learn

During our Friday Night Club (FNC) and Friday Fun Night (FFN) events, clients join together for an evening of fun at AFC. FNC, for ages 16yrs+, occurs two Fridays of the month and FFN, for ages 7-15yrs, occurs on a separate Friday. At these events, each room in our suite has different club activity. All who come are welcome to join one or more activities throughout the two hour event. Each member is encouraged to bring a snack, main dish, or dessert because we feel that sharing food is a way of bonding with others. Food and interactive fun makes a great evening for all.

Social Application Through Group Experience

Group Activities Include:

  • Video Games - 

  • Board / Card Games - 

  • Karaoke / Dance / Music -

  • Legos / Kinex / Large Jenga - 

  • Art / Drawing / Anime - 

  • Computer / Website Sharing -

  • In-House Movie Screen (16 feet) - 


Marcus Movie Night

Real Life Application

Clients aged 16 years and older are also invited to attend our monthly Friday Marcus Movie Night. Members and staff meet together at the local Marcus Crosswoods Cinema, enjoy time before the movie applying social etiquette, flexible interaction, and a competence for group participation. There is also opportunity for participants to apply life skills by managing money for snacks, being responsible for ticket stubs, messes, and seating arrangements, and being aware of time management.

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